- Be genuine at all times.

- You need to love, respect and have passion for the practice.

- We believe in creating together. You can work with partners to create and meet the challenges of each project, maximizing your strengths.

- We need you to be on the ground.

- Together in the pursuit of excellence.

O  Project Architects

Under the direct guidance of the partner, organize and lead the team to complete projects with. 

1、More than 4 years working experience in famous domestic and foreign firms or Grade A design institutes, with certain pre-intermediate and post-project experience. 

2、Good program creation ability and deepening design ability, understanding the relevant knowledge of each profession and familiar with national norms and regulations. 

3、Have a good sense of responsibility and good team coordination and management ability, able to arrange the work schedule under pressure and with a plan.

4、Proficient in Autocad (Tianzheng), Indesign, familiar with Sketchup, Adobe series and other software. Able to lead the team to complete reporting documents, as well as collaborate to draw architectural construction drawings. 

5、Strong communication skills, able to effectively interface with the owner and construction side, coordinate with consultants and partners to help promote the project implementation, and have the opportunity to participate in the project level related management. Salary is negotiable.

O  Assistant Architect

1、Love architecture, rich in passion for design.

2、Bachelor degree or above in architecture.

3、At least one year working experience, with strong ability to develop design innovation from research and analysis.

4、Strong sense of responsibility and rigorous work attitude, rich in work enthusiasm and teamwork spirit.

5、Must be proficient in Autocad (Tianzheng), Sketchup+Vray (or Lumion8), familiar with Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and other software.

6、In force field architecture will have the opportunity to participate in the design, drawing deepening, construction coordination and other aspects of multiple projects, and may participate in various categories of urban renewal, architecture, interior projects, etc., to be able to understand in depth the comprehensive and complete scope of work to become a professional architect.

7、Experience in working in independent firms is preferred. Salary is negotiable.

O  Interior Designer Assistant

1、At least 3 years working experience, with bachelor degree or above in architecture, environmental design or related majors.

2、Knowledge of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design information to ensure that the interior design review meets the relevant legal specifications.

3、Skilled in using AutoCAD, 3DMAX modeling and rendering, Sketch Up modeling and rendering, Photoshop and other related software.

4、Coordinate and communicate with relevant design units and professional consultants.

5、Strong sense of responsibility and execution, effective communication to promote project implementation. Salary is negotiable.

O  New Media Editor (part-time available)

1、Interest and enthusiasm in architecture, city and design, major is not limited.

2、Have good Chinese writing ability and certain translation ability, and have some experience in new media communication.

3、Be able to complete the content planning, image processing, writing and editing, WeChat public number update and other related work independently according to the direction of the selected topic.

4、Strong learning ability, clear logic, excellent writing skills, aesthetic online.

5, able to adapt to the new media fast response, efficient output work style, have the ability to complete the work on time and quality under time pressure.

6、Salary is negotiable according to the actual WeChat public number and related new media operation ability.

O  Internship

1、Bachelor's degree in architecture, junior or above, or graduate student, with firm internship experience is preferred. Resistant to pressure and responsible.

2、The internship period is not less than two months, longer internship time will be given priority. If you need to return to school for a short period of time, you must make it clear in advance when applying for the job.

3、Skilled in using computer software for design expression, and good at manual model, good at teamwork.

4、Internship in Likefield Architecture will have the opportunity to participate in various levels of project design, drawing deepening, construction coordination, etc., and may participate in various categories of projects such as urban renewal, architecture, interior, etc., to be able to understand the comprehensive and complete scope of work to become a professional architect.

5、The monthly allowance for interns is 2500-3000 RMB.

Please send your personal portfolio and resume to the company at (file size should not exceed 5MB), if your portfolio is approved, we will contact you first!