Metal Hands Coffee Renovation 2


Project Information
Project name: Metal Hands Coffee renovation
Project location: Chaoyang Disctrict, Beijing
Project owner: Metal Hands Coffee
Project period: May 2020-August 2020
Project area: 115 m2
Chief designer: An Zhaoxue
Designer team: Hou Xue, Yang Shujun,Li Bing,Wang Lin,Yu Wenjing
Lighting design: Linkchance Architects
Materials: concrete, perforated aluminum panel, stainless steel panel, laminated bamboo panel, ribbed glass, concrete paint
Photography: Rui Jing photograph
Construction team: Beijing Shidai Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Design copywriting: Linkchance Architects

Field forces

The project is located between the north and south entrance of the shopping mall. It belongs to the shopping mall, but it is relatively separated from the shopping mall (along the street). This determines the particularity of the project. It must be different from the internal coffee shop space of the mall. It must have enough field power and combine with the excellent products of metal hands coffee to attract passers-by. The overall space of the site is narrow and long, with a floor height of 4.5 meters. There is a certain space shaping potential in the vertical height. The store is less than 30 meters away from the main entrance of the shopping mall. The design of the facade is obviously very important. The original facade has a vertical height of only 3 meters, and the remaining 1.5 meters is closed, so it can not be effectively displayed. The new facade reconstruction will open this distance, expand the lighting area and facade, and enhance the lighting area Visual impact of facade.


How to improve the narrow and long space of the original site to make the space "big"; how to reshape the "corner" space of the shopping mall (most of which are irregular inclined planes); how to create a coffee space with a sense of community; how to distinguish it from the coffee space inside the shopping mall; how to meet the rigid requirements for the renovation of the external facade of the mall, and how to make the facade more colorful and interesting.


The new facade does not change the original vertical glass curtain wall frame of the shopping mall and the original curtain wall structure. The opening of the new facade is vertically elongated, which enhances the interaction between the interior space of coffee and the street space, and expands the indoor lighting area. The windows close to the ground can be opened outwards, and a seat is set inside the window, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor seating While the window itself is effective, the interior and exterior vision and space can flow. The bar is located on the south side of the entrance door of the venue, where the baristas can get all the internal spaces, so as to provide better service. In addition, there is a mezzanine and a section of indoor space overlooking the whole street. A semicircular arch modeling space is set on the inside of the facade to shade and enrich the vision. All this to reate an atmosphere of both retro and modern community cafes.


Customers can interact and experience space in the external area, inside and outside the window sill, and on the mezzanine to form a social "field" with certain vitality, providing a completely different coffee leisure space for people in shopping malls and surrounding communities.