Entrance landscape renovation


Project Information

Project Address: Beijing, Yizhuang
Project Owner: A company
Project phase: Design proposal
Construction date: May 2021
Interior Area: 7000 square meters
Design Team: An Zhaoxue, Dong Zhiqi, Lu Jiming, Dong Zhiqi, Yan Xinxiu

Project information

The site is a triangular entrance function area, enclosed by the shopping center and air corridor, two sides facing the street, for the main clientele to come to, the current road will be divided from the site, visual and spatial sense of fragmentation, only traffic roads and sports fields, no leisure and entertainment functions, landscape strategy: in the irregular site enclosed out of the convergence of space to form the center 1.facilitate the provision of more comfortable art space for the clientele 2.conducive to enhancing the clientele's Combined with the air corridor shaped landscape large space view is more open, landscape strategy: three main themes functional space three themes life scene space as a whole is divided into three parts, from open to private, positioning is clear 1. outward space to quality ritual sense is the main 2. transition space to participate in the experience is the main 3. inward space to art display is the main